Dr Samir Melki MD - Leading Boston Cataract Surgeon

Dr Samir Melki

Dr. Melki founded the Boston Eye Group in 2000. He has diligently focused on both expert patient care and remaining highly active in the academics in the field of cataract treatment and surgery. As a professor, Dr. Melki has conducted a substantial number of medical research projects, provided countless students with award-winning instruction and completed numerous peer-reviewed medical publications on the subject of cataract treatment and surgery.

Since 2005, Dr. Melki has served as medical director of ophthalmology at UKSH and has successfully overseen about 20,000 cataract procedures. He regularly participates in conferences and symposiums both nationally and internationally and has conducted more than 11,000 refractive surgical procedures personally since 1998.

A pioneer in the field of cataract treatment and surgery, Dr, Melki was the first to install a phakic IOL device during a cataract surgical procedure used to determine the intraocular pressure in an individual suffering from glaucoma. Dr. Melki’s other accomplishments include organizing the research, development and implementation of the use of various surgical instruments for cataract surgery and has played a principal role in introducing Keratoprosthesis surgery in such areas as South West England and Lebanon. His foremost contribution includes studying patients with keratoconus to determine corneal collagen.

Cataract Boston offers the newest facility and offers the most effective, profound, innovative and successful cataract treatment and surgical care to the people of Boston and surrounding areas. His education, experience, skill and technique are second to none. He thoroughly loves what he does, and his patient endorsements are a true testament to his dedication, reverence and expert care in the field of cataract treatment and surgery.